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40' Wide Pole Tents

Ohenry 40x60 party tent

Quality American Made Pole Tents

40' Wide Pole tents are extremely portable, and provide more covered area for less money than any other type of party tent.  Ohenry 40' wide pole tents are built tough, made in America for the abuse of the tent rental industry. These are popular party tents. Tent tops are made with first quality American Made 16 oz. vinyl.

The 40' wide pole tents we manufacture are perfect for uses by auctioneers, tent rental companies, and Party Tents.

Ohenry 40' Wide Pole Tents are available in sizes from 40' x 40' up to 40' x 200'.

These tents are designed with the tent rental companies demands in mind. These party tents are tough, and designed to be used for many years as affordable and durable party tents.

Ohenry 40' Wide WIND VERSION Pole Tents have nearly twice the number of side poles and stakes as other manufacturers. This give our tents double wind resistance, and much better drainage. Please compare the count of this tent's poles and stakes compared to other manufacturers. The extra webbing and reinforcing necessary for these additional side poles and tent stakes also makes a much stronger tent top.

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