15% off all tents and sidewalls. Sale ends May 30th.

15% off all tents and sidewalls. Sale ends 5/30/2024 

Replacement Tent Ropes

Normally after some use, the various ropes on your Ohenry Tent will need to be replaced. The following types of ropes are kept in stock.

The "Guy" ropes on your tent (the ropes that attach to the tent stakes) are either 1/2" White Poly Ropes (for 20' wide and smaller tents) or 5/8" White Poly Ropes for larger tents. These will need to be replaced occasionally. 

Also available are Center Pole ropes in sizes 1/4" & 3/16" braided white Nylon.

Side pole Jump ropes are available in 3/16"  braided white Nylon.

Weather flap ropes are also available in 1/8" braided white Nylon.

Sidewall Rope For Tent Perimeter is available in 3/16" white Nylon

All rope is available in pre-cut lengths or complete spools.

replacement Tent Ropes