15% off all tents and sidewalls. Sale ends May 30th.

15% off all tents and sidewalls. Sale ends 5/30/2024 

About Ohenry

Since 1979 Ohenry productions Inc. has been manufacturing heavy duty party tents for the commercial tent industry. We specialize in the construction of frame tents, high peak pole tents and traditional pole tents which meet the demands of the party tent rental industry.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Waco, Texas. The main plant is situated on four acres conveniently located on Loop 340 in a 22,000 Sq. Ft. building. We also have our own graphics and sign shop where we design and fabricate the logos for Ohenry Tents.

The U.S. military has chosen Ohenry tents several times when they have a need for many large pole tents on short notice. Thousands of U.S. service men have been billeted in Ohenry pole tents in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world.

Ohenry party tents are built with top quality first run materials, made right here in the good old U.S.A. We build all our tent tops and sidewalls. We DO NOT import them. If you need a frame tent or pole tent that will stand the test of time, you will be glad when you invest in an Ohenry party tent.

Ohenry Party Tents are your best choice if you are in the party rental or event tent rental business. Ohenry tents are heavy duty commercial tents which are designed specifically for the party tent rental and party rental industry.

Ohenry tents are built to last many years, and best of all, our commercial tents are in stock waiting for you. You will never have to wait for your festival tent, party tent, or revival tent. We have all sizes of pole tents, frame tents, and high peak tents in stock, ready to go to work as party tents for you!

Ohenry tent crew
One of the reasons you should choose an Ohenry Tent is because of what we believe in.
At Ohenry Tents, we believe in America.
At Ohenry Tents we believe in God.
We also believe Americans are better off when most of our products are MADE IN AMERICA!
At Ohenry, we build all our tents, sidewalls, and tent poles right here in Waco, Texas.
We do NOT import our tent tops and sidewalls like the majority of tent companies do.
We take PRIDE in our superior American made tents!
ohenry party tent manufacturing
Our tents are manufactured in an air conditioned facility which increases productivity, and enhances the personal comfort of our production people.
In this picture Ricky Chavez and Jaime Molina are sewing edge work on a 20' x 40' Ohenry High Peak Tent.
Ohenry tent making process
Pictured here is the Quarter Pole assembly for a 60' Wide Traditional Pole tent.
The hardware is covered by a pad which protects the tent from abrasion caused by the quarter pole.
Many hours of skilled detail go into making the sub-assemblies.
welding ohenry side poles
At Ohenry, we manufacture our own side poles and center poles using American made steel.
Our pole cap fittings and bases are again, American made. We use a local company in Waco to manufacture our pole parts
Here Marty Merritt is welding on side poles.
Ohenry Window sidewalls for tents
Ohenry also manufactures Cathedral Windows for our Cathedral Window Sidewalls. Maria Molina and Maria Ortiz are cutting out windows.
Oheny partyy tent deliveries
At Ohenry, we have a small fleet of trucks, trailers and a van to make Ohenry Tent deliveries.
While we ship all over the world, and usually ship via common carrier freight lines, we at times make deliveries when the freight companies cannot deliver in time.
The other factor is that when we personally deliver the tents, we don't need to worry about freight being damaged or lost.
We have delivered tents to every state in the continental U.S. with our fleet.
ohenry tents graphics
Also at Ohenry we have our own sign and graphics shop adjacent to the main facility. Ohenry can reproduce any logo you might need to have installed on your tent.